Many websites make use of small files, known as 'cookies', that are stored on your computer that are used for many purposes from user personalisation of sites to tracking users between websites. This website does not make use of cookies directly. We do not deliberately track you or store any information about your visits on or off your computer.

To provide some of the content of this site, we make use of embedded content from external services which can be expected to store cookies themselves. This page attempts to describe the known services, the cookies that they may set and any means that they specify to manage the cookies.

This site offers no direct means to manage the externally set cookies.

Please be aware that following the links below may result in further cookies associated with the external site being stored.


We currently use TicketSource as a platform for selling our tickets online and we embed a feed of events on our Events page.

TicketSource stores a wide range of cookies including 'session' and 'performance' cookies. For cookie management, they suggest the use of browser tools for the purpose of opting out. They also note that blocking of all their cookies may result in their website not functioning for you.

TicketSource's full description of their policy can be found here:


Currently google forms are used on the contact page for the purpose of allowing people to register interest in the choir (e.g. joining or requests for performances.)

Google's cookie usage is described in more detail on the following page:

Google's description of how to manage cookies associated with Google sites (mainly through the use of your browser cookie management tools) can be found on the following page: